Ch. Samoylund's Risk & Redemption 

(Lodale's Kita Dupai X Lodale's Laska Snokip)

February 10, 1997 - September 9, 2010
Eyes: CERF Normal
Hips: OVC 002101




Finishing 5th in Canada in 1998 for total number of points won by a Samoyed, this gorgeous boy proves that "good things come in small packages." 

At 21 1/2 inches, he is typey and well balanced with a classic "Samoyed expression." Alert, affectionate, loyal and eager are words that come to mind when describing his unique personality.


Joe and Taygus' success in the show ring was due, in large part, to the friendship, support and encouragement of a few remarkable people who taught us about presentation, the art of grooming, enjoying the experience, the importance of being a respectful competitor, perseverance and that success is not something that you wait for to happen, it's something you work for! Arletta Michaud of Glenwater Collies, Cindy Hook of Breezewae Papillons, Linda Siczkar of Illions Pekingese and Mary Johnson of Just A Dream Bichons have helped to shape the past, present and ........ future of Celtic Frost kennel.



"IF DOGS RULED THE WORLD... We'd always find somewhere to bury our troubles. Our Spirits would be unleashed. We'd stop barking up the wrong trees. We'd always paws for reflection. Beggars could be choosers. We'd have faithful friends and loyal love. We'd give a lick about each other."

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