Breeding Practices


We are pleased to share our upcoming, current and past litters on this page, along with pedigrees, pictures and certification information.  Each litter is the result of careful and selective planning.  Both parents have certified health clearances for specific inheritable diseases which include hip dysplasia, elbow joint deformity, eye disorders, heart and thyroid disease.  All puppies sold to pre-approved show and pet homes come with a complete health guarantee and written contract.  We also take great care in assessing the temperaments and personalities of each individual dog to determine which home/family/environment they will be best suited for.

 Our foundation was developed with an outstanding bitch from Elfenbein Samoyeds, combined with the highly influential kennels of Polar Mist, Sanorka & Risuko that possess some of the BEST genes the breed has to offer.  We are committed to and passionate about establishing a line of QUALITY animals, sound in mind and body, capable of performing the working duties for which the Samoyed was originally bred and of correct type.  Our primary focus is on breeding dogs that are first and foremost loving family pets whose temperament and adaptability will see them pouncing on the pond fish in their backyards; “working” the sheep; pulling a sled; sprawled out on the bed; assisting their humans as a registered therapy dog; or, in the conformation ring as the next big star.



Planned Breedings



Tucker x Irish 2009 Litter

Haion x Amigo 2007 Litter    Haion x Blue 2005 Litter

    Keah x Tyler 2002 Litter


Related Litters


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