Haion x Blue Litter Information Page

3 girls and 3 boys born August 3, 2005.  The combination of this line breeding translated into exceptional consistent puppies with beautiful type, wonderful temperaments, sound structure & strength.



Celticfrost Haion's Jack

JACK inherited his dad's good looks - a gorgeous boy with jet black pigment and striking head detail.  He is adored by his new family in Saskatchewan and is a mischievous little bundle of wonder who LOVES the outdoors.  




Celticfrost Tsarevna Tehya

TEHYA (meaning precious) reminded us so much of Miyko as a puppy that we knew she would make a "perfect" addition to her family.  A sassy, sharp little spit fire with tons of energy and a real love bug too.   



Celticfrost Bluer Than Blue

CHAI lives in Ft. Nelson, BC with her new owners and 2 feline friends who have gotten use to the idea of having a big fluff ball around that occasionally charges them down at top speed.  She is a good-looking girl with an independent, do it yourself attitude who LOVES to get dirty.     



Celticfrost Autumn Sky

SAMMY shares his new home in New York with big sister Maia and six, 2 legged family members who keep him very busy.  He is an amazingly sweet, smart boy who has become the unofficial mascot of a field hockey team, learnt how to raid the laundry basket for dirty socks, hunt chipmunks and the benefits of a power nap before the kids come home in the afternoon.



Celticfrost All Tuckered Out


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Celticfrost's Blue Reign


Puppy Pedigree



Born: June 2, 1995 | Hips: SA-11362G27M-T | Eyes: SA-2501 | Cardiac: SA-CA82/108M/C-PI

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Windjammer

 Am. Ch. Winterfrost's Gyrfalcon

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Russian Princess

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Dancing Cloud

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Tidal Setír

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Society Girl CD



Born: April 3, 2002 | Hips: SA-13584G24F-PI | Eyes: SA-4351 | Cardiac: SA-CA69/20F/C-PI | Thyroid: SA-TH41/24F-PI 

Am. Can. Ch. Polar Mist Out Of The Blue

Am. Can. Ch. Sanorka's Moonlite Trip TíRen-J

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Blue Ice

Am. Can. Ch. Elfenbein Keah Of Celticfrost

Am. Ch. Risuko's Joi Of Snowonder

Am. Ch. Elfenbein Catherine TíGreat


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