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located along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

We purchased our first Samoyed in 1994, a magnificent dog that captured our hearts and instilled in us a deep admiration for the breed.  Today, we share our home with 6 distinctly unique and wonderful Samoyeds. Our lifestyle has evolved around our four legged family members and our love of the breed.  To preserve their working origins we enjoy participating in activities that allow us to share different experiences and strengthen our bonds with the dogs; skijoring, sledding & herding are our primary interests.  Our passion for exhibiting and promoting the breed in accordance with the Samoyed standard sees us competing in the show rings in Canada & the U.S.  Our dogs continue to succeed on many levels in both competition and performance events. 

Celtic Frost Samoyeds was established with the intention of honoring one of the greatest breeds in existence.  Our foundation was developed with great care and hard work in selecting dogs that are consistent in type, superior in temperament and health, structurally sound and capable of performing the working duties for which the Samoyed was originally bred.  Our bloodlines reflect the blending of some of the most influential Samoyeds in breed history chosen for their strength and specific genetic contributions.  In this way, we are continually striving to improve while maintaining integrity to the bred we hold in such high esteem.  

As dedicated Samoyed breeders, we are both members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club, Samoyed Club Of America, Samoyed Association Of Canada & the Samoyed Association Of Minneapolis - St. Paul.

This site is a tribute to our canine beings that have served tirelessly, loved wholeheartedly with unwavering loyalty and shared with us that pure MAGIC that comes with being owned by a Samoyed.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your visit!


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